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    And just as we identify with the victims, it's also important for us I think to remember that the perpetrators of such evil were human, as well, and that we have to guard against cruelty in ourselves. -President Obama after his speech Buchenwald concentration camp
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Transforming the moral landscape: the diffusion of a genocidal norm in Rwanda

This is a great article by Lee Ann Fujii. She discusses the idea that genocide was taught by the government in Rwanda as well. This trend continues to show up more and more and again makes me question the morality that I discussed in my last post. Rwanda was even worse because for thousands of years these people had gotten along with each other to a certain degree but all of a sudden they were taught to hate each other. The fact that it took such a short period of time to do that is astonishing. Sometimes this project just makes me depressed because I do not know what I would do either in a situation of war or something like that and that thought disgusts me. I say that I would never succumb to the things that some of these groups did but I have never been in the situation either. That is my current struggle and it is still continuing on.


2 Responses

  1. I like how you address the personal struggles you’re experiencing in your research, rather than just laying out facts. The spread of hate is scary, and considering the possibility of widespread hate is even worse. In your research have you found any examples of genocide being prevented or stopped in the middle? Do you think the U.S. could ever cause a genocide?

    Good luck on the rest of your research and I’m looking forward to your presentation.

    • Well my research is trying to explain that there was a genocide against the Native Americans in the 19th century perpetrated by the the settlers of the United States. I have not found a genocide that was simply stopped or prevented in the middle of a conflict or genocide. Thanks for the comment!

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